About Domain 101

Course Domain 101
Location Online and face-to-face TBA
Director Heather Julian
Email heather.julien@emory.edu
Site http://heatherjulien.weebly.com/
Office Hours TBA

Course Description

Welcome to Domain 101, Emory’s faculty development seminar series designed to support teaching with web 2.0 tools and facilitate digital student writing. Domain 101 consists of 6 modules: Course Development, Content Generation, Assignment Sequencing, Assessment, and Digital Citizenship. Domain of One’s Own at Emory is a public student writing program in which students develop their own websites that are tied to course curriculum. While student sites function as a component of curricula, they also live beyond the boundaries of the classroom as professional portfolios, social media hubs, and community outreach platforms. 

Course Goals

Faculty will emerge from Domain 101 with a public course site, as well as a series of class plans, assignments, and rubrics ready to implement in the classroom. After completing the six modules and a series of optional face to face seminars, participants will be fluent in digital writing and design basics. The course has also been designed to strengthen the digital pedagogy community at Emory by providing space for faculty to share goals, assignments, assessment strategies, and student work.
Domain 101 Support Services
Contact Details
McKenna Rose msrose@emory.edu
David Morgen david.morgen@emory.edu
Emory Writing Center writingcenter@emory.edu

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