ENG 181: Assignment Description/Scale

Assignment Sequence

Domain Site & Digital Portfolio, 20%

From the start of the course you will be responsible for building a WordPress based website to which you will publish major and minor projects produced throughout the semester. For full credit your Domain site will include a home page with a personal statement, the digital almanac, the argument essay, the slide presentation, the imovie, and a cover letter.

Digital Almanac, 20%

Through readings from early modern texts to the present and observation of the natural world, you will compose a series of 5 blog posts in response to assigned questions. The Almanac posts will culminate with a 500-word head note to the blog section of your set that examines connections raised over the course of the class. Please note you are welcome to complete a Radical Revision of one post for 20 possible points.

Argument Essay, 15%

A series of short writes (analysis of visual rhetoric, style analysis, description, annotation, and synthesis) build into a digitally integrated, 1500-1700 word, analysis based argument. The first sequence will also emphasize basic research methodology, as well as fair use, MLA/APA, grammar, mechanics, and punctuation guidelines for digital publication.

Jeremiad: Digital Presentation, 15%

Through an initial short presentation on a series of slides published to your site & designed for invention, you will develop and deliver a 6.6 minute final PechaKucha presentation on an environmental issue of your choice. .

Video Project, 15%

 5-7 minute video posted to a dedicated page of your site on an environmental topic of your choice told using narrative, figurative, rhetorical, thematic, structural, theoretical, and/or aesthetic elements from at least two of the following texts: “Introduction,” The Ecological Thought; “Smokey Bear Sutra;” Rime of the Ancient Mariner; Macbeth; The Lives of Animals; and/or “Reflections” by Peter Singer or Marjorie Garber. For full credit you must give me a draft of the script; participate in an independent conference; and post a 1,200-1,500 word script, and a works cited to the dedicated web page.

Participation, 5%

Please arrive to class on time, with all reading and writing assignments completed, and then contribute significantly to class discussions and workshops. Your participation grade will reflect successful completion of in-class writing and informal homework responses.

Attendance, 10%

0-2 missed day(s)=100, 3 missed =70, 4 missed =50, 5 or more=0

Emory University Grading System



A 4.0, A- 3.7 Extremely high quality work, effort, and performance beyond minimum requirements. Excellent attendance and substantial contributions to discussions.
B+ 3.3, B 3.0, B- 2.7 Well-written work that continues to improve. A level of effort and performance beyond minimum requirements. Good attendance and contributions to discussions.
C+ 2.3, C 2.0, C-1.7 Generally competent work and a level of effort that meets course requirements. Regular attendance and contributions to discussions.
D+ 1.3, D 1.0 Work that is uneven in quality or suggests incompetence. Irregular attendance and minimal contributions to discussions.
F 0.0 Incomplete or unacceptable work. No real effort to participate in class discussions. Four or more absences.