27 Sept.. Client Deliverables Overview

Class Overview

Today’s Class Will Cover the Following:
1. I’m saving the Greenwood, et. al. article on Design Thinking for Wed, Oct 6 once I am back. It’s a really helpful article that provides, among other things, some different ways to consider group work relationships.
2. Video that breaks down my expectations for the Client Deliverables in advance of meeting with our clients on Monday, Oct 4. Please note, Monday, Oct 4 is SYNCHRONOUS. You can attend in person or remotely, but you must attend during class times to meet with the client.
3. Using the Google Form below, each group needs to draft 3 questions you would like to ask your client. Remember CS6 (9:30-10:45) will work with the Greening Youth Foundation and CS1 (12:30-1:45) will work with GroundWork Atlanta. While you should be prepared to ask your questions to our clients, I will also compile a list as well.

Client Deliverables Overview, Slides

Client Deliverables Overview, Video

Questions for Clients Form