29 Aug. Risk Comm & EJ

Class Goals

We’ll cover the following in today’s class:
1. Overview of Paper Assignment & Brainstorming & Outlining
2. Overview & discussion Grabill & Simmons, “Toward a critical rhetoric of risk communications” (415-441)
3. Overview & discussion Robert Bullard’s, “Environmentalism & Social Justice”

Grabill & Simmons: Risk Communication (Grabill & Simmons Lecture, Class Video I)

Robert Bullard: Environmentalism & Social Justice (Bullard Lecture: Class Video, Part II)

Race, Pollution, and cognitive frameworks for communication

Consider the following as you prepare for Wednesday’s class:
1. According to Washington, what’s the relationship between how is environmental justice als a health crisis?
2. According to Coppola, why doesn’t increased public information motivate “the public” to take action against, for example, climate change?
3. Why is defining key terms crucial to technical and academic writing?