3 Nov. Multimedia Library Video Editing Workshop.

Multimedia Library Meeting: iMovie & Editing Basics

Please join Alison Valk and me in the in classroom 2130 Crosland Tower- Library tomorrow. You can find directions to the classroom here: https://library.gatech.edu/classrooms (Links to an external site.) I would love(!) it if you could join us in person, but if you cannot, I’ll record the 9:30-10:45 session and post it below.

What to Expect

Alison will have the classroom set up so that you can have access to a Mac laptop with Imovie. She’ll talk to us  about options for video and basic Imovie, as well as some resources  in the library. If you want to bring stock footage to work with that would be terrific. Otherwise Alison will provide access to sample footage here- which you can download on the desktops in the classroom, or download ahead of time so they have some sample files. Here is a link to the sample files: https://tinyurl.com/vidprodGT2130 (Links to an external site.) You might have to click on that link a few times to get access. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow. Please email with any questions! 

Imovie and Editing Resources

IMovie Tutorials

Video Resources