Eng 101: Domain Site & Digital Portfolio


Due Dates

R, Jan 16 Register for a Domain through Reclaim Hosting & Install WordPress
R, Jan 31 Draft of Home Page due

  • Convert Home page to static page
  • Create blog page and make sure it functions as a post page
S, Feb 8 Post “Article” to dedicated static page on site by 5:00 pm
S, Mar 2 Post video “Slideshows” as video with narration to dedicated page by 5:00pm
S, Apr 12 Argument Paper Due posted as .pdf to site by 5:00pm
F, May 9 Complete site and all required components due 8:00am


WordPress.org website


The purpose of this semester long assignment is for you to gain the tools necessary to publish, curate, and archive work to a site you design and maintain. In this way you will become both multimodal writers and site administrators, who invent the narrative in which your digital presence exist. For full credit your final site must include:

  • Homepage with a 150-300 word personal statement, and a 150-300 word introduction/overview of the site contents
  • Requisite # of blog posts on the post page
  • Article page on dedicated, static page
  • Presentation on dedicated, static page
  • Essay uploaded as .pdf to page of your choice
  • Video page on dedicated, static page


As always your peers and I are your primary audience, yet please also keep an ever expanding, global Internet audience in mind for this paper. What style, tone, and vocabulary choices will you have to make to suit both the audience, and the subject matter for each project? Explain quotations and images do so as if your audience has never read the texts you discuss; determine the most effect ration between audio, verbal, and visual text; and make best choice for overall ease of use.


The following will be used to score your Domain site and portfolio

  1. Are all required elements published to the site? (40%)
  2. Does the site establish a theme through visual, verbal, and aural elements and then apply that theme consistently throughout the site? (20%)
  3. Does consistent use of visual and verbal elements lead to ease of use? Do visual, verbal, and aural elements work together to focus on a purpose and respond to audience needs? (20%)
  4. Does the navigation lead to pages promised? Do all the links lead to pages promised? (10%)
  5. Are format, style, tone, mechanics, grammar, and punctuation applied correctly and consistently throughout for ease of reading/use and faithful attribution? (10%)


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