ENG 101: Video Project

Video Project


Due Dates

  • 04/22/14: Email me a draft of the video script any time before this date
  • 04/24/14: Group meetings in Callaway 205
  • 05/04/13: Publish the video to a dedicated page on your website before midnight

Assignment Goal:

IN GROUPS OF FOUR, Produce a 5-7 minute video about an environmental topic of your choice. Communicate your environmental topic using narrative, figurative, rhetorical, thematic, structural, theoretical, and/or aesthetic elements from ONE OR MORE of the following texts: Biophilia; The Botany of Desire (film or text); “Bakken Business”; Gasland, or Blue Gold (film or text)

Assignment Requirements:

PLEASE NOTE: Even though this is now a group project, in order to earn full credit on the assignment, each student must write a static page that includes the following

  1. A completed version of the video
  2. A 500-700 word reflective essay that responds to the following:
    1. What were your expectations for the project at the beginning and how did those expectations change over the course of the project?
    2. What was your biggest contribution to the project? What did others contribute?
  3. A 700-1,200 word, double column script to the video page
  4. A list of works consulted
    1. The list of works consulted presents entries for any video models that inspired you and helped you craft your product; any books, articles, websites, etc. that you read that gave theory and practical advice for creating your video; as well as sources directly cited in video to support or develop topic/goal.
  5. Include any relevant permission documentation from all participants (actors and producers) to allow broad publication of your products. PDF permission slip files are located on the reference page of the class site

General Assessment Criteria:

The following will be used to determine the final grade for this assignment:

  1. Does video fulfill the assignment criteria: is it 5-7 minutes long; does it frame/communicate the topic through at least ONE course text; is it posted to static webpage; does it play; and does the video page of your site include a reflective essay, a draft of the script, and a works cited? (20 points)
  2. Did you hand in the script by April 16, meet with me on or before May 1, and incorporate feedback into the final version? (20 points)
  3. Focus: Does video remain focused on the environmental topic of your choice? Does the video offer topic cues to keep the audience on track? Are topic cues marked in the script as well? (20 points)
  4. Organization: Do you define a clear thesis, goal, and/or purpose and reinforce that purpose and/or shape it throughout? Is the text (visual, audio, and textual) analyzed in support of your goal? Is organization demonstrated in the script as well? (20 Points)
  5. Format: Are all subtopics/scenes balanced and/or of length appropriate to reinforce goal of video? (10 points)
  6. Design: Do graphics, animation, and/or text productively convey each message to the audience? (10 points)
  7. Audio: Does narrator enunciate well (contain few, if any, hesitations, false starts, fillers, or elisions)? Is narration, sound effects, and/or music synched with images? (10 points)
  8. Script: Is the script formatted in two columns, 700-1,000 words long, 12-point font, and acceptably free of mechanical errors? (30 points)
  9. Works Cited/Consulted: Is the works consulted in MLA? Does it cover all works consulted? (10 points)


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