Getting Started

Module I. Overview

You’ll emerge from this module with your own URL and a rough draft of a course site.

  • Installation:Sign-up with Reclaim Hosting & choose a domain name.
  • Case Study: Website Design & Genre Assessment
  • Activity: Choose a platform and then create pages, posts, navigation & manage media.
  • Bonus:WP Theme Overview & Guiding Students Through Set-Up


If you haven’t already done so, you will have to sign up for a Domain through Reclaim Hosting. First, go to the Emory Domains Homepage and then click the “Sign-up/Login” button on the left. Next, follow Login with your Emory NetID and Password, and you will be led through a series of prompts. Finally, you will need to choose a domain name and purchase it. If you have any questions regarding registration, please refer to the Domain Help document on Signing Up for Domain of One’s Own.

Choosing a Domain Name: as you complete the registration process, and as you prepare to guide your students through the process when you teach your course(s), you may wish to refer to this help page on Choosing a Domain Name.

Case Study: Visual and Verbal Rhetorical Analysis

The purpose of the Case Study is two-fold. You will develop a reading strategy for assessing web design, content, and genre, so that you can implement best composition practices in your own sites. Further, the Visual Rhetoric/Design Activity you complete here may be adapted for use in your classroom.

Respond to the prompts in the comments section of the Case Study page.

Activity: Drafting Your Website

After you complete Case Study, you are ready to install a platform and design your start building your site. Once you have draft of your site, email your URL to, so we can syndicate your site through the Domain 101 course site.

If you decide to build a site with Weebly, please consult the Domain Help document Getting Started with Weebly.

In the table that follows you will find a list of functions and links to Domain help documents for WordPress installation and composition.

Function Action
Installation If you need help signing up for a domain through Reclaim or installing WP to your domain check out Installing WordPress
WordPress Basics If you need help identifying parts of the WP dashboard; adding pages or posts; changing your reading settings; or adding themes check out Configuring WordPress on Your Domain
Custom Menus If you need help managing menus check out Working With Custom Menus
Themes If you are looking for resources on themes check out Working with Themes in WordPress
Managing Media If you need help working with images check out Publishing Content and scroll down to Media
Digital Citizenship If you need help with attributing images check out Attributing Photos and short introduction to Digital Citizenship and Publishing Ethics. This topic will be covered in full in the Module IV. 
Customization Check out these pages if you need help with plug-ins, configuring widgets, or managing comment settings
Further Help Check out the general help documents WordPress has published. Plus you can find more WP help links to in the right hand sidebar.
Domain Ethos If you want to know why we encourage you to do this sort of publication check out this line, Anatomy of a Domain

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