Jeremiad: Digital Presentation


Format: For full credit you will present a slide show that consists of 20 slides, each shown for 20 twenty seconds. You will describe and interpret the scrolling images in service of a cohesive argument or narrative for 6.6 minutes.

Goal/Guidelines: This exercise provides you with an opportunity to respond creatively to the environmental crisis by writing and presenting in the genre of the Jeremiad. You are required to write in the same genre as the texts we read for this unit to practice the effects hyperbolic rhetoric has on audiences. This sequence does not culminate in a digital presentation. Instead, you will give an initial presentation at the invention stage of the writing process, draft in PowerPoint, and finally perform your slideshow presentation for the class.

Some Drafting & Organization Suggestions: You are welcome to organize your presentation according to the needs of your topic/goal. Please also feel free to develop the topic you worked on for the argument essay. Remember you need to persuade your audience through a combination of your visual imagery and aural speech. The following are suggestions and not requirements.

  1. In the first few slides explain your topic and the specific stance you are taking on the topic
  2. In a few more slides provide background on the topic and/or one or two specific examples
  3. In a few more slides you may want to show attempts to solve the problem and how those solutions have faired
  4. In the remaining slides, make your own suggestions to solve the problem

Audience: Since the final grade for the assignment is partial determined by peer scoring, it is imperative that you keep your peers in mind as you write. You may also consider:

  • What visual and verbal choices do you have to make to persuade the audience of the rightness of your line of argument and/or spur action?
  • What style, tone, and vocabulary choices will you have to make to suit both the audience, and the subject matter of this paper?
  • What details do you need to include/exclude to meet the audience and time constraints?

Assessment: While you are writing, please understand that the following will be used to grade your presentation:

  1. Formal Requirements: Does the presentation fulfill the assignment requirements? Where there 20 unique, slides that each advanced after 20 seconds? (20%)
  2. Verbal and Visual: Did the presentation persuasively combine the slide show and the performance components of the assignment? Did the slides persuasively combine visual and verbal components? (20%)
  3. Audience: Does the presentation establish its specific thematic/rhetorical goals at the outset, and then meet those goals through creative images/performance to persuade the audience? (40%; determined by peer-audience vote)
  4. Process: Was the project developed over through required invention stages? (10%)
  5. Mechanics: Do mechanical or technical errors impede understanding of either the slideshow or the performance? Are sources attributed when necessary? (10%)



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