Reading “Rime,” Part I

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Rose ReadingAcrossPlatforms

Welcome to the first assignment project and sequence. Over the course of roughly two weeks you will read Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s Rime of the Ancient Mariner in four different platforms; respond to the poem with four different digital tools; create a series of short responses; and take an exam. The sequence will culminate in a long form digital publication of your choice.

  • Perform and reflect on best practices for responsive close reading
  • Perform and reflect on best ways to utilize annotation tools
  • Develop strategies to recognize and retain key features of texts published in multiple modes
Part I: Writing on Reading

Freewrite (5-8 mins): write without pausing in response to the following:

  1. Generate a list of characteristics that define “good reading practices”
  2. Briefly describe/recount a recent experience in which you “read successfully”
Discussion (10-20):
  • As you discuss freewrite responses as a class, maybe ask a student to record the “good reading” criteria on the class blog.
  • As the conversation progresses, ask students to consider how their reading practices shift as the publication platforms shift.
  • May also want to ask what, if any, tools they use to read .pdf, video, podcasts, databases, and websites
Digital Markup Tools
  • Hopefully students will share some of the markup tools they use with the class
  • If not, or if they do not share a thorough list, provide an overview of tools such as Adobe Acrobat Pro (available on all campus computers); Google docs; Voice Memos or other recording apps; and Jing
Part II: Reader Response

Freewrite (5-8 mins):choose from one of the following and narrate the circumstances of your response. After we discuss your responses, revise and publish as a blog post before the start of next class.

  • Have you ever shared a dream or idea with a friend and then collaborated on a creative production?
  • Have you ever been accosted by a person who told you a story you did not ask to hear?
  • Have you ever been the last person left alive to tell the tale?
  • Have you ever made a snap decision that effected your group of friends (adversely)?
  • Have you ever, or do you currently, bear the responsibility for a poor decision?
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