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Blog Post #1: In a now famous article on Thoreau, Larry Buell explains that in his writing and his actions, Thoreau constantly “pitted the lily flower against the law” (“American Pastoral Ideology Reappraised”). Drawing on Thoreau’s Walden for inspiration and illustration write a 500-word post in which you write an allegory that connects a bit of local nature to a global environmental issue. First find or take a photo of a local bit of nature; next, describe that image in exacting detail; and lastly, connect your description of local nature to a global, environmental issue of your choice.

Definitions: Allegory & Thoreau’s Walden

Models: Examples of Student Allegory Post

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Mapping Networked Self

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Nancy Duarte. Nancy Duarte worked with Al Gore to create the slide show in An Inconvenient Truth. She argues ideas that have the power to create real change often depend on how well the communication of the idea integrates the visual and the verbal. She communicates one process of creating successful presentations in “The Secret Structure of Steve Jobs’s Speech.”

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