First Day Freewrite

Writing About Writing About Nature


Using a classroom desktop computer or your portable, please launch Word and complete the following:

Part One: Write as much as you want/can in response to the following prompts. Don’t worry about spelling, punctuation, etc. Just get your ideas out.

  1. Choose from one of the following terms: Ecology, Nature, Wilderness, Sacred, Human, or Animal
  2. Define the term you chose in your own words.  OR look up the word in a database and then revise the database definition in your own words
  3. Explain a personal connection or experience you have to the term you defined

Garbage Dump

Part Two: In pairs or small groups, share your term definition and personal experience. What are some points of overlap between you and your peers? What ideas or images did you ask your peers to expand upon?

Part Three: email your freewrite to

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