The MacBeths Eat Animals



Group One has graciously offered their script for peer review. For peer review, please do the following: 

  1. Read the hard copy of the script on your own
  2. Make note of the following: How well do you think the script will translate into the final project?; Does the proposed final project meet the assignment requirements?; What kind of argument does the script make about nature/human?; What would Tim Morton, JM Coetzee, or William Cronon say about the production?
  3. Get into the following groups to discuss your notes
    • One: David Watkins, Kayla, Justin Elsey, Jim
    • Two: Christine, Molly, Soung, Crystal
    • Three: Robbie, Daniel, David Lawson,
    • Four: Michayla, Justin Robeny, Coner, Le-My

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