Revision both Mechanical and Rhetorical

Revise the Sentences Below & Explain the Reasons/Rules Guiding Your Decision:

In The Ecological Thought, Timothy Morton offers a “prequel” to one of his previous works, Ecology Without Nature.  Timothy’s main argument is that the chief stumbling block to environmental thinking is the image of nature itself. 

According to Timothy Morton in “The Ecological Thought”, the “ghost of Nature” has to do with how nature has been perceived throughout the years.

The past had a blossoming natural world, while the present possess one that has been altered negatively through technology and human greed. Just like a reflection, we can never actually reach it and touch it and belong to it” (Morton 5). This exemplifies the idea that either we have lost the past nature, and it was a imagined to begin with.

“The ghost of “Nature”, a brand new entity dressed up like a relic from a past age, haunted the modernity in which it was born.

Smokey the Bear Sutra, by Gary Snyder is undoubtedly a very strange story. It entails a god who comes to earth in the form of a bear to “cure the world of loveless knowledge that seeks with blind hunger: and mindless rage eating food that will not fill it. (Snyder 1)”

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