The Nature of The Tempest

tempestPlease welcome Bellee Jones-Pierce. Ms. Jones-Pierce is a PhD candidate, who specializes in early modern poetry and drama. She’s an amazing scholar, and writing and poetry teacher. She’s here to help you close read The Tempest.

Part I: Freewrite (15-20 mins). Please type or write a response to the following:

According to the first two acts of The Tempest, does man control Nature or does Nature control man? Respond generally to the question and then develop your initial response via the following chunks of text:

Duncan, Nicole, Elayne: Miranda 1.2.1-14

Eve, Brandon, Moon: Prospero 1.2.271-86

Nik, Aamira, Jake: Prospero 1.2.271-86

Julia, Shannon, Carl: Caliban 1.2.334-46

Catalina, Je Soeong, Sarah, Hong: Gonzalo 2.1.147-56

Part II: Groups Discussion (10-15 mins). Get into groups with the people who read and analyzed the same passage that you did.

  • Compare answers to the question, and discuss the rhetorical or formal elements from your assigned passage on which you based your claim.
  • If your answers differ, discuss try to figure out why. That is how can a small bit of text support a range of responses?
  • If all your answers agree, try to argue the opposing side from the evidence you have.

Part III: Full Class Discussion. Be prepared to share your findings with the class and to discuss the passages at the sentence level. May also want to address how text such as The Tempest help to figure contemporary environmental devastation.

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