Translation Project

What can/should your translation project look like on your site’s static page? What’s the best way to deliver the information to your readers? ((In-class activity for Bellee Jones ENG 205 course. Attached to Translation Project))

To determine, layout, design, usability, may want to ask and answer, “what elements constitute a successful medieval subjects (poetry) site?”

And/or check out design suggestions such as those included in the following:

Practical Design Suggestions

What elements constitute a successful (M/EM Poetry) site?

  • How far down do you want audience to scroll?
  • What do work do you want images to perform?
  • How can you ensure links always work?
  • Do you need to provide navigation directions?
  • How much information do readers need to transition smoothly from page to page?

To determine features that constitute a successful site, generate some examples. What are some outstanding features of the sites below?

What elements do want to incorporate in your page? For instance, how do you create a usable page?

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 6.13.47 AM

Working Examples

Tempest 1.1

Tempest 1.2

Tempest 4.1

Elements of Style: Poem & Page (or translating your translation from paper to WP)

  • Whose the audience for the paper translation? Whose the audience for the digital translation? What’s gained in translation & what’s lost?
  • How does the audience you chose for the translation determine the choices you make, ex: how does your audience determine emphasizing rhyme over meter?
  • In addition, faithfulness versus transparency?
  • How do similar audience concerns influence design choices? What elements should you emphasize?
  • Even though it may seem transparent, what rhetorical gestures does your final layout make?
  • How does theme you selected effect useability, affect, reading of your translation?

Notation: The links you provide act as notation, but you may also want to consider installing a footnote plug-in. I’m using Footnotes by ManFisher, which seems fine. We can review installation and use if you like. Lots of footnote generator plug-ins.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 6.36.30 AM

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