Reflection Prompt

Reflective Essay, Freewrite (15-20)


Take 15-20 and write a short reflection/cover letter that you can post to your blog page, email me, or include as a header for your argument project. In your reflection respond to the following, as they apply:

  1. State the goal of the paper and then explain how you meet that goal. Be specific, i.e. what types of appeals do you make to your audience (logos, pathos, ethos)? What types of evidence do you use and why is it effective?
  2. Did you uncover anything about your topic? OR Given more time or in subsequent projects, how would you develop your ideas farther?
  3. How does this paper compare to work you’ve written in the past? OR How do you use the technology to enhance the goal of the paper? (Msarka 33)


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