Digital Article Exempla

How does Gessner announce the topic of the piece; and what choices does he make to draw in readers in his first paragraph; how does he provide a fresh take on well worn topic?

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What is Gessner’s argument and how does he make it; what evidence does he use to build his argument and support the claims he makes; and how does he analyze the evidence he uses?

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What problem or constellation of problems does Gessner set out to redress? What solutions have been tried in the past? What new solutions does Gessner suggest?

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According to Gessner what motivates the “evolution…from anthropcentrism to biocentrism. And from apathy to concern” (par. 9)? What motivated his own transition from apathy to concern? What rhetorical devices does he use to motivate the audience to complete such a transition?

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How does Gessner bring all the strands of his article together; are you convinced by his argument; does he make good use of web resources; and is he able to inspire readers towards environmentalism?

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Freewrite in response to the following (10 minutes):

  1. Pick one specific technique Gessner uses to communicate his feelings to his audience. How can you deploy similar technique in your presentation?
  2. Pick one specific example of how Gessner develops his argument through analysis of evidence. How can you deploy similar technique in your presentation using the article or website you brought with you to class today?

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