Process Documents10%Series of short writing activities and drafts composed in response to assigned prompts and uploaded to Canvas—designed to support/develop longer projects
Paper20%6-8-page paper, in APA format, in which you analyze an environmental justice topic or project of your choice through one or more of the theoretic lenses covered in the class readings
Proposal 20%The Professional Proposal will be written collaborative groups, for a range of audiences, and in response to needs outlined by our community partner client. For full credit Proposals will include a Title Page; Abstract; Proposal Narrative (Definition, Problem Statement, Demographics, Recommended Solution); Schedule (Gantt Chart); and Personnel.
Client Deliverables30%During this six-week, collaborative project, student teams will produce, in consultation with me and the client, at least 5 of the following deliverables: website, social media campaign, newsletter, factsheet, infographic, podcast, collaborative e-tool, feature story series, video instructions, user manual, or brochure.
Showcase10%Teams will exhibit their work in a public showcase for clients, GATech faculty and students. Teams are expected to revise deliverables based on client feedback before sending final products to them.
Participation 10%For full credit, please come to all remote, video class sessions prepared to discuss the readings and/or complete assigned tasks. Please also fulfill all commitments to members of your project groups.