Unit 1: Risk Communication & Environmental Justice

M, Aug 23Topic: Intro to course, community partners, and each otherCS6: Greening Youth Foundation
CS1: Groundwork Atlanta
 OTC, Introduction to Technical Writing
Guide to Writing a Bio (With Examples)
W, Aug 25Class Cancelled due to medical emergency-please email me with any questions
Process Doc: Professional Bio: upload to Canvas by 11:59 PM, EDT
M, Aug 30 Topic: Environmental Justice & risk communication

Complete Teacher-Student Agreement form
Grabill, J. T. & W. & Simmons, M., “Toward a critical rhetoric of risk communications,” (415-441)

Bullard, “Environmentalism and Social Justice,” (1-21).
OTC, Writing Process: From Audience to Rough Draft
W, Sept 1Topic: Race, Pollution, and cognitive frameworks for communication.
Process Doc: Key Term Definition upload to Canvas by 11:59 PM, EDT
Washington, “Poisoned World,” (112-158).
Coppola, “Rhetorical analysis of stakeholders in environmental communication,” (9-24).

Burnett, “Creating Definitions” (516-44)
M, Sept 6Labor Day, No Class
W, Sept 8Topic: The ethics of representationFinney, Carolyn, “It’s Not Easy Being Green,” (92-116).
Dragga & Voss, “Cruel pies” (265-74).
M, Sept 13Topic: Slow Violence & the Visual Rhetorics of Global Climate Catastrophe
Process Doc: Annotated Bibliography
upload to Canvas by 11:59 PM, EDT
Nixon, “Scenes from the seabed,” (264-280).
Walsh, “The Visual Rhetoric of Climate Change,” (361–368).

OTC, Audience Analysis
W, Sept 15Topic: Centering voices/practices
Complete Group Preference Form
Glave, “Conservation: An African Legacy of Working the Land,” (81-92).
Moller, M., et. al, “Participation through place-based e-tools,” (245-253).
OTC, Page Design
M, Sept 20Writing Workshop
Process Docs: Upload 3-5-page Paper Draft to Canvas by 8:00AM, EDT
OTC, Strategies for Peer Reviewing and Team Writing
OTC, Power Revision Techniques
W, Sept 22Topic : Intro to Unit 2 & Drafting Proposals
Burnett, R. (2004). Chp. 19: Preparing Proposals. Technical Communication (pp. 677-717). Cengage.
Sample Proposal 1: EPA, Brownfield Clean-up
Sample Proposal 2: EPA Sample Proposal
Sample Proposal 3: Recycling and Reuse Project 

Unit 2: Project Proposal

M, Sept 27White Paper due uploaded to Canvas by 11:59 PM

Topic: Deliverables Overview
W, Sept 29Topic: Reflection

CS6: Greening Youth Foundation
M, Oct 4Remote Client Meeting

CS6: Greening Youth Foundation, 9:30-10:15
Bluejeans Link: https://bluejeans.com/991628206/2617

W, Oct 6Topic: Accessible Design & Design Thinking

CS1: Groundwork Atlanta


Boyle, C. & Rivers, N.A. (2016). A version of access. TCQ. 25(1). 29-47.

Greenwood, A., Lauren, B., Knott, J., & DeVoss, N. (2019). Dissensus, resistance, and ideology: design as a rhetorical methodology. Journal of Business and Technical Communication. 33(4).9-24.

Tips for Accessible Web Writing,
Tips for Accessible Web Designing
Tips for Accessible Web Audio and Video
M, Oct 11Fall Break, No Class
W, Oct 13Topic: Drafting and Planning

Hewitt, J. (Winter 2004). First impressions: writing a good abstract. The Communication Factor (pp.2). Rice University Newsletter.

How to Make a Gantt Chart in Excel
How to Make a Gantt Chart in Google Sheets
M, Oct 18Process Doc: Upload Draft Proposals no later than 8:00 AM, EDT

Remote Proposal Workshop,
Groups 1-3
Remote Proposal Draft Workshops:
LMC 3403.CS6, Group 1: 9:30-9:50
LMC 3403.CS6, Group 2: 9:55-10:15
LMC 3403.CS6, Group 3: 10:20-10:40

LMC 3403.CS1, Group 1: 12:30-12:50
LMC 3403.CS1, Group 2: 12:55-1:15
LMC 3403.CS1, Group 3: 1:20-1:40
W, Oct 20Remote Proposal Workshop,
Groups 4-7
Remote Proposal Draft Workshops:
LMC 3403.CS6, Group 4: 9:30-9:50
LMC 3403.CS6, Group 5: 9:50-10:10
LMC 3403.CS6, Group 6: 10:10-10:30
LMC 3403.CS6, Group 7: 10:30-10:45/50

LMC 3403.CS1, Group 4: 12:30-12:50
LMC 3403.CS1, Group 5: 12:50-1:10
LMC 3403.CS1, Group 6: 1:10-1:30
LMC 3403.CS1, Group 7: 1:30-1:45/50

Unit 3: Client Deliverables

M, Oct 25Project Proposal Due uploaded to Canvas 11:59 PM, EDT

Topic: Visual Design
Graphic Model 1: Sierra Club
Graphic Model 2: EPA Hazardous Waste
Graphic Model 3: JPL Solar Power Explorers
W, Oct 27Topic: Podcasts
Process Doc: Deliverable Draft 1: Upload to Canvas by 11:59 PM, EDT
(Sample Podcasts)
Amar, Robin. The City, Season One. USA Today. Sticher, 2018.
Mars, Roman. “National Sword.” 99% Invisible. Ep. 341, 2019.
Phlato, Ira. “Cold Climate Organisms Offer Clues to Crackless Concrete.” Science Friday. WNYZ. Soundcloud, 2020.
M, Nov 1Feature Stories

Sample Story 1: “For the Birds”
Sample Story 2: “Dangerous Hot Zones”
Sample Story 3: “On Thin Ice”
Sample Story 4: “Road to Refuge”
Sample Story 5: “Trashed Beaches”
Sample Story 6: “End of Human Civilization”
W, Nov 3Multimedia W/S: Video editing
Meet in GATech Library, 2nd Floor or remote!

 Process Doc: Deliverable Draft 2: Upload to Canvas by 11:59 PM, EDT
M, Nov 8Website Creation–rhetoric of web design and web writer basics
WordPress How-To (TBA), Omeka How-To (TBA), Weebly How-To (TBA)
W, Nov 10Topic: Participatory eTools
Process Doc: Deliverable Draft 3: Upload to Canvas by 11:59 PM, EDT
Technical Communication. (2017). 64(2): Special Issue on localizing user experience for culturally sensitive design (pp. 89-94)
M, Nov 15Topic: Presentation PrepOTC, Oral Presentations
W, Nov 17Work Expo,
Hall Building 102
W, Nov 22Thanksgiving, No Class
W, Nov 24Thanksgiving, No Class
M, Nov 29W/S Groups 1 & 2
W, Dec1W/S Groups 3 & 4
M, Dec 6W/S Groups 5, 6, & 7
F, Dec 10Deliverables due to Client