13 October. Abstracts & Partner Videos.

Today’s Class Will Cover the Following:
1. How to write an abstract
2. Partner Meeting Videos, which you can also find in the Client Deliverables Assignment
3. Client Deliverable Guidelines, which you can also find in the Client Deliverables Assignment

Hewitt, J. (2004). First impressions: writing a good abstract.

Writing a Good Abstract: Guidelines

Groundwork Atlanta Client Meeting

Groundwork ATL Deliverable Guidelines

Please consider the following as you draft your deliverables for Groundwork ATL:
1.Choose a topic key to Groundwork Atlanta, i.e. impact of brownfields and and vacant land on ATL neighborhoods and ecosystems; how can organizations revitalize environment without encouraging the sort of gentrification that displaces residents; how to develop future leaders of environmental organizations; Brand building: what distinguishes Groundwork from WAWA, Trees ATL, or Global Growers; Aglanta; Trash Free Waters (EPA); or Chattahoochee Riverlands Greenway
2. Consider the needs of your potential audience(s) and/or Groundwork ATL’s audience(s). Some potential audiences are donors to Groundwork ATL; cohorts of community youth leaders; residents of neighborhoods NPUD and NPUG (neighborhood planning units); and/or other foundations and the city of ATL.
3. Consider incorporating Groundwork ATL’s key terms: Regenerate, Repair, Restore–both verbally and visually. What sorts of images or visual tropes convey, for example, “restoration”?
4. Example packet of deliverables for Groundwork: a newsletter or series of blog posts detailing history of, for example, Westside ATL’s postindsutrialization; UX report of Groundwork’s website; single page (8.5″ x 11″) or postcard size handout or brochure that details Groundwork’s mission (specific to your topic or in general); interactive map detailing industrial before and after sites on the Westside.

Greening Youth Foundation Client Meeting

GYF Deliverable Guidelines

Please consider the following as you draft your deliverables for GYF:
1. Choose a local environmental justice topic, i.e. what sorts of environmental issues do local ATL communities face that are also exacerbated by legacy of racism? You might also consider the following: how does centering Black or indigenous environmental, conservation, or activism traditions respond to key environmental issues facing ATL communities?
2. Please consider working on one of the following topics: Watershed pollution & overflow on the Westside; Atlanta Urban Heat/Deforestation; Air pollution and asthma; or Food Access/Food Barriers.
3. How can the topic you propose guide the materials you produce for the client? How can potential audiences guide the materials propose for the client?
4. Example packet of deliverables for Food Access/Food Barriers: 3-4 page newsletter detailing history and scope of the problem; factsheet/flyer for in-person events or online use; some sort of e-tool to collect poll audiences or map green food locations; healthy meal plan cards; and a poster that incorporates a grocery list into its design.